A - Advisory

ALEC - Association of Lancashire Environmental Co-ordinators

AONB - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

ASNW - Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland

AWG - Aculeate Conservation Working Group

BAP P/ship = BAP Partnership

BAP PWG = BAP People Working Group

BC - Butterfly Conservation

BC - Borough Council (e.g. Fylde Borough Council)

BCL - Butterfly Conservation Lancashire branch

BCT - Bat Conservation Trust

BEN - Business and Environment Networks

BENHS - British Entomological and Natural History Society

BG - Bat Group

BHS - Biological Heritage Site

BHSP - Biological Heritage Sites Project

BHS P/ship - Biological Heritage Sites Partnership

BSBI - Botanical Society of the British Isles

BTCV - British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

BTO - British Trust for Ornithology

BW - British Waterways

BWARS - British Wasp and Ant Recording Society

CA - Countryside Agency

CAP - Common Agricultural Policy

CC - City Council (e.g. Lancaster City Council)

CCW - Countryside Council for Wales

Chorley BC - Chorley Borough Council

CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

CLA Country Landowners and business Association

CMS - Countryside Management Service (of the AONB)

Cons - Conservation

cSAP - Candidate Special Area of Conservation

CWT - Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Cyp Com - Cypripedium Committee

DETR - Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions

DF - Dipterists' Forum

EA - Environment Agency

EC - European Community

ELWOOD - East Lancashire Woodland Inititive

EN - English Nature

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund

EU - European Union

FA - Forestry Authority

FC - Forestry Commission

FE - Forest Enterprise

FRCA - Farming and Rural Conservation Agency (advisory arm of MAFF)

FWAG - Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

Fylde BC - Fylde Borough Council

GBN - Green Business Network

GC - Game conservancy

GCT - Game Conservancy Trust

Gwk - Groundwork Trusts

HAP - Habitat Action Plan

HBFAG - High Brown Fritillary Group

HCT - Herpetological Conservation Trust

HE/FE - Higher/Further Education institutions (Colleges, Universities)

HLF - Heritage Lottery Fund

HMSO - Her Majesty's Stationery Office

IUCN - International Union for the Conservation of Nature

JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee

L - Long term

LA - Local Authority

Lancaster CC - Lancaster City Council

LAPTC - Lancashire Association of Parish and Town Councils

L&CES - Lancashire and Cheshire Entomological Society

L&CFC - Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Committee

LBC - Lancashire Bird Club

LCC - Lancashire County Council

LEA - Local Education Authority

LEAP - Local Environment Agency Action Plan

LM - Liverpool Museum

LM - (When used in 'type' column in action table) Land Management

LMG - Lancashire Moth Group

LPAG - Limestone Pavement Action Plan

LPO - Limestone Pavement Order

LU - Liverpool University

M - Medium term

MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

MBC - Mersey Basin Campaign

MBP - Morecambe Bay Partnership

MBT - Mersey Basin Trust

Nats - Naturalists

NCC - Nature Conservancy Council

NERC - Natural Environment Research Council

NFU - National Farmersí Union

NG - Newt Group

NGO - National Gamekeepers Organisation

NGO - (When used in 'People Plan') Non-Governmental Organisation (e.g. wildlife charities)

NLN - North Lancashire Naturalists

NNR - National Nature Reserve

NPIRA - NPI Red Alert

NT - National Trust

NVC - National Vegetation Classification

NWB Forum - North West Biodiversity Forum

NWOARP - North West Otters and Rivers project

NWOBAP - North West Otter BAP Group

NWW - North West Water

O - Ongoing

P - Policy

PR - Public Relations

RDA - Regional Development Agency

RDB - Red Data Book

RM - Research & Monitoring

RVI - River Valley Initiative

RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

S - Short term

SAC - Special Area of Conservation

SAP - Species Action Plan

SCOSPA - Standing Conference Of South Pennine Authorities

SLDC - South Lakeland District Council

SMEs - Small and Medium sized Enterprises

SRB - Single Regeneration Budget

SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest

SPA - Special Protection Area

WeBS - Wetland Bird Survey

WES - Wildlife Enhancement Scheme

WGS - Woodland Grant Scheme

Wild CRU - Oxford Wild Mammal Conservation Research Unit

W Lancs DC - West Lancashire District Council

Wyre BC - Wyre Borough Council

WT - Wildlife Trust

WWF-UK - Worldwide Fund for Nature UK

WWT - Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust