In this section there are appendices that provide additional information. Some of the information that has been included has been referred to elsewhere in the BAP.

You can view any of the appendices by selecting the underlined name from the list below.

Appendix 1 List of participants in original BAP conference
Appendix 2 BAP Declaration and list of signatories
Appendix 3 List of members of BAP Steering Group, Technical and Education/Publicity Working Groups
Appendix 4

HAP and SAP Selection Criteria

Appendix 5 HAPs and SAPs List
Appendix 6 The Lancashire BAP Process
Appendix 7 Areas in Lancashire Designated or Identified as being of High Wildlife Value
Appendix 8 The layout of the HAPs and keys to action tables
Appendix 9 The layout of the SAPs and keys to action tables
Appendix 10

Tables showing the occurrence of species and habitats included in this BAP according to District

Appendix 11 List of all species mentioned in the BAP with scientific names
Appendix 12