Lancashire's Biodiversity Action Plan

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Lancashire’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) offers guidance on what we can all do at a local level to maintain and enhance Lancashire's wildlife.

This section explains why the plan has been written, who has been involved and identifies the way in which the plan’s proposals will be converted into action.

Biodiversity encompasses the whole variety of life on Earth. It includes all species of plants and animals, their genetic variation and the complex ecosystems of which they are part. Biodiversity is not restricted to rare or threatened species but includes the whole of the natural world from the commonplace to the critically endangered. It includes the plants and animals familiar to all of us in the places where we live or work, wherever that may be.

Biodiversity - The Variety of Life.

"Biodiversity is all living things, from the tiny garden ant to the giant redwood tree. You will find biodiversity everywhere, in window boxes and wild woods, roadsides and rain forests, snow fields and sea shore."

The UK Steering Group Report (1)

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Lancashire's Biodiversity Riches
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