Presentation of "Lancashire's Biodiversity"

Colin Burford receives the original painting 'Lancashire's Biodiversity' on behalf of LWS Lancashire Environmental Fund from Professor David Bellamy. The picture was given to the Fund in acknowledgement of its generous support for the Lancashire BAP process.

Copyright: Jason Smalley.

On behalf of the Lancashire Biodiversity Partnership, I have great pleasure in introducing this Action Plan to you. It is a key document in identifying what needs to be done to create a new future for Lancashire’s wildlife and a major milestone in the region’s move towards sustainability.

Lancashire’s biodiversity, or variety of life, is considerable and plays a large part in defining the character of the County - from high rolling moorland to riverside woodland and the wading birds of tidal mud flat. This variety has shaped our history and adds greatly to our quality of life and economy.

The Action Plan is the result of many people’s work. Organisations and individuals have given considerable time to bring together information, practical ideas and their vision of a brighter future for wildlife. This has been a remarkable effort and our thanks must go to them all.

Lancashire has many projects that are already making a real difference; otters are showing signs of recovery, farmers are taking advantage of new agri-environment schemes to safeguard habitat and our rivers are cleaner now than for several generations. Much has been achieved through working together and the Plan suggests a number of new initiatives and directions that will add to this effort.

From the Government down there is wide acknowledgement of the importance of biodiversity to all our futures and I look forward to seeing this plan start to unfold. There are many challenges ahead but through working together we can make a real difference.

Tim Mitcham


Lancashire Biodiversity Partnership Steering Group